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Membership Agreement




This Agreement has been concluded in order to regulate the mutual rights and obligations of the parties regarding the User’s ability to shop on the website belonging to BEYLİSS (hereinafter "Website") and to benefit from other services, if provided.



  1. The Website operates as a retailer of women's ready-made clothing, including accessories. BEYLİSS reserves the right to change its product range in the future.
  2. The User will have the opportunity to shop on the Site and create a user profile by logging into the Website with the username and the password that had been determined during the registration.
  3. The registration process is completed when the information required to become a member of the Website is written in the relevant section of the Website, submitted for registration and the registration application is approved by BEYLİSS. The User cannot gain the rights and powers defined in this Agreement before these transactions have been completed.
  4. In order to be a member of the Website, it is necessary to be of legal age. The completion of the registration process on the Website by minors or persons who were previously dismissed or banned from membership does not grant them the right of membership and doesn’t not have the consequences of the Agreement.




3.1. Rights and Obligations of the User

  • By accepting the Agreement, the User accepts and will act in accordance with every statement on the Website, which has been announced and will be announced in the future by BEYLİSS concerning the usage, membership and other related matters. BEYLİSS can make unilateral changes and amendments to the Agreement. The User is obliged to fully obey them.
  • The User is exclusively responsible for the security and storage of the information used to access the system (username, password, e-mail, etc.), as well as for keeping third parties away from it and for it being used. BEYLİSS is not responsible for any damages and/or liabilities that may arise as a result of the violation of this rule.
  • The User accepts, declares and undertakes that the information and content provided during and after the registration process are correct and legal. BEYLİSS is not obliged or liable to investigate the accuracy of the information and content transmitted by the User or uploaded, changed or provided by them on the Website, it is also not responsible for any damages that may arise due to the fact that the information and contents in question are incorrect or contain errors. In the event that BEYLİSS suffers a loss due to one of the issues determined by this provision to be outside the scope of responsibility, BEYLİSS subrogates the User together with all other additional losses.
  • The User cannot transfer, partially or fully, his rights and obligations under the Agreement to any third party without the written consent of BEYLİSS.
  • The User while using the Website and benefiting from the services offered by BEYLİSS can only operate on the Website for legal purposes. The legal and criminal responsibility of every transaction and action of the User on the Website belongs to him/her.
  • The User undertakes not to use, reproduce, copy, distribute or process pictures, texts, visual and audio images, video clips, files, databases, catalogs, lists etc. located within the Website in a way that violates the rights of BEYLİSS and/or any other third party.
  • Within the scope of any sweepstakes taking place on the Website, if applicable, the User accepts, declares and undertakes that they give their permission and consent to sharing the information of users qualified to participate in the sweepstakes with the people and institutions related to the campaign and the sweepstakes
  • The User accepts, declares and undertakes that they will not engage in behavior aimed at manipulating the operation of the Website.
  • All kinds of intellectual property rights (information, texts, pictures, brands, models, slogans and other signs, page layout, etc.) of the Website belong exclusively to BEYLİSS.
  • The User declares and accepts that they have read, understood and accepted clarification texts of the document on the processing of personal data titled "Privacy and Personal Data Policy" (please click to reach the text) and of the document titled "Website Terms of Use" (please click to reach the text) present on this Website, that these policies and conditions may be updated by BEYLİSS from time to time, that they will follow these statements and updates while using the Website, and that if they do not accept such updates, they will terminate their membership and stop using the Website.

3.2. Rights and Obligations of BEYLİSS

  • BEYLİSS can make changes and/or modifications in the Services at any time in order to enable the User to perform the operations and transactions defined in the Agreement more effectively. The terms and conditions that the User is obliged to comply with related to such changes and/or modifications will be announced to the User by the Website.
  • BEYLİSS reserves the right to change the services offered on the Website and the content of the Website at any time, to close access to the third parties and delete the information and content uploaded by the User to the system, including the User themselves. BEYLİSS can use this right without any prior notice and notification. The User is obliged to immediately make the changes and/or corrections requested by BEYLİSS. BEYLİSS, when necessary, can itself make the requested changes and/or corrections. The legal and criminal responsibilities for the damages that arise or may arise due to the failure of the User to fulfill the requests for the changes and/or corrections demanded by BEYLİSS in a timely manner entirely belong to the User.
  • BEYLİSS may share the information on the Website with third parties (service providers, business partners, etc.) in various ways for various reasons. BEYLİSS may also share various links on its Website to other websites or resources operated by parties other than BEYLİSS, including advertisers. These shares and links do not constitute any declaration or guarantee in terms of the shared website or the information it contains. BEYLİSS has no responsibility for the portals, websites, files and contents accessed through the links on its Website, for the services or products offered on the websites or their content.
  • BEYLİSS has the right to contact and send commercial electronic messages through the communication channels specified by the User for all kinds of campaigns, advertisements, news and other announcements. BEYLİSS, if they wish, can cancel orders that have not been paid for within 3 working days. If the payment upon delivery method is applied, the Customer who does not receive their delivery twice their other orders with payment upon delivery will be cancelled. BEYLİSS can change the ordering and payment methods or stop the service when necessary.


  2. a) If commercial communication via SMS and/or e-mail is allowed by the User in the course of their membership, commercial communication will be made with the User through the selected communication channel or channels.
  3. b) You can access the commercial communication confirmation text here.



When the registration process is completed, a copy of this Agreement will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the User, and another copy will be placed on the Website as a form. A text such as the text of the Agreement "exclusive" to the member (with his/her information entered as a party of the Agreement) may not be stored separately in BEYLİSS systems. BEYLİSS, at its own discretion and unilaterally, may change this User Agreement and its annexes at any time it deems appropriate by announcing it on the Website. The changed provisions of this User Agreement will become valid on the date of their announcement, the remaining provisions will remain in effect and continue to have their legal consequences. This User Agreement cannot be changed by the unilateral declaration of the User.



            The Agreement has been concluded indefinitely. As long as the Agreement is not terminated by BEYLİSS and the User's membership of the Website continues, the Agreement will remain in effect and will continue to bear provisions and consequences between the parties. In the event that the membership period of the User, if any, expires or the membership is suspended temporarily or permanently, the Agreement is considered terminated. BEYLİSS can terminate the Agreement unilaterally and without notice, if the User violates this Agreement or the rules of membership and usage of the Website, engages in fraudulent activities, acts to harm BEYLİSS or third parties, and engages in other kinds of illegal or unlawful activities, not limited to the ones mentioned here. The User will be obliged to compensate BEYLİSS for all damages caused by the termination of the Agreement. BEYLİSS can terminate the contract at any time unilaterally and without notice. In this case, the User cannot be asked for any compensation, whether the termination is justified or not.



The parties are exempted from their obligations in case of events or situations (including but not limited to: state of war, martial law, natural disasters, economic crisis, strike, lockout, infectious disease, earthquake, revolution, radioactive pollution, regional collapse of the internet or electricity infrastructure, natural events, formal decisions, etc.) that are not under the control of the parties. Any of the parties may terminate the Agreement if the force majeure occurs and continues for one month.


    Notices or other correspondence to be done in accordance with this Agreement can be made by e-mail. The User's e-mail address is the e-mail address entered into the membership system of BEYLİSS during the registration process. E-mail address of BEYLİSS:



Istanbul (Central) Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized for the interpretation and implementation of this Agreement. Turkish Law is applied for any disputes that may arise.


  2. Confidentiality: The User undertakes not to expose or disclose any information that may be obtained as a result of the negotiation, publication and execution of this Agreement without the written permission of BEYLİSS.
  3. Severability of the Agreement: Articles of the Agreement can be divided, if any of them are deemed invalid or is canceled or not implemented, this situation does not affect the validity of the remaining articles of the Agreement.
  4. Waiver: Failure to use or delayed use of any right, power or privilege set forth in this Agreement by BEYLİSS or the User in no way implies a waiver of them.
  5. Stamp Duty: In the event that stamp duty arises as a result of this Agreement, the User is held responsible and will pay this duty.


  1. FINAL PROVISION (Approval and Acceptance)

            With the specially arranged infrastructure of the Website, the confirmation of the membership is requested after the User has viewed the Agreement and approved it online. The User who completes the registration process by approving the Agreement is deemed to have accepted all the terms of the Agreement. The User declares, accepts and undertakes that he/she has read, understood, and accepted all the articles of the Agreement and confirms the accuracy of the personal information they provided.







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