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Privacy and Personal Data Policy



Dear members and visitors of this Website,

As Beyliss Tekstil ve Turizm Ticaret Limited Şirketi (shortly “BEYLİSS” or “company/our company”) within the scope of the text of Privacy and Personal Data Policy document, we would like to inform you about the rights you have within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No.6698 (shortly "KVKK"), our privacy and personal data processing policy, commercial communication permission, website terms of use and cookies available on our Website in the simplest way possible. Please read this text carefully and contact us if you have any questions regarding this document.

When you visit the Beyliss website or decide to become its member, please, prior to performing these actions, read this text and the Website Terms of Use carefully, and in the event you do not agree with them, stop operating on the Website. The matters described in this text do not apply to the actions of companies that we do not own or control or to employees that we do not manage. Information about our products may contain links to third party websites. Beyliss has nothing to do with the privacy policies of these websites. Therefore, be sure to read the privacy policies of the third party websites you visit.

At Beyliss, we may from time to time update the policies written here, and in such cases we will notify you of any changes to this Policy that affect your rights by e-mail and/or posting an update on our Website. Therefore, check the date of the last update of this document.



            As stated in the clause (e) of Article 3 of the KVKK, the processing of personal data is “the acquisition of personal data by fully or partially automated or non-automated means provided that they are a part of any data recording system, and performing any action on the data such as recording, storing, preserving, changing, reorganizing, disclosing, transfering, taking over, making accessible, classifying or preventing its use”.



            When you visit our website, shop, register as a member, or contact us by any other method, we collect and process some of your personal data that you will provide yourself, to the extent necessary and appropriate, in the light of the purpose and legal reasons described below.

On this occasion we would like to state that BEYLİSS does not process the personal data of those under the age of 18. If you think that someone under the age of 18 has provided us with their personal data, please contact us using the contact information below. The nature of the collected and processed personal information depends on the operations you perform on the Website.

This information, which will be processed in accordance with KVKK, may generally include the following:

  • When a membership application is made through our website, when the permission for commercial communication is given, or when shopping is done a consent given to our company for: name, surname, date of birth, passport number and/or Turkish identity number, work and/or home address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, preference information about communication channels, if any (briefly, identity and contact information);
  • When a membership application is made through our website: the membership number provided by the system, information relate to the agreement details;
  • In case of purchasing goods or services from our company in any way: order and sales information, payment, debt, return, exchange information and shopping preferences (briefly, sales information);
  • In case of visiting our website and applicable to each visit made: identifying information such as Internet protocol (IP) address that the computer uses to connect to the Internet, login information, browser type and version, time zone setting, browser plug-in types and versions, technical information including operating system and platform, information related to website visits and entering the website and navigating through its pages (including date and time) including full uniform resource finders (URLs) of websites, viewed or searched products, page response times, download errors, length of visits to certain pages, information about page interaction (such as scrolling, clicks, and mouse indicators) and the methods used to switch the page, location information if shared, preference for website usage, behavioral data reflecting such aspects like User’s habits, cookies, web browser, IP address (briefly, website visitor information);
  • In case of giving permission to commercial communication: name, surname, title, work and home postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, preferences regarding communication channels, location information if shared, preference for website usage, behavioral data reflecting matters like user’s habits, cookies, web browser, identifying information such as IP address, fax number and all other similar information.


  • We process your visit information to the necessary and appropriate extent for analyzing, monitoring, improving our website, ensuring its security, providing better service to its users, improving the commercial and administrative activities of the company, resolving disputes that may arise in future, establishing and carrying out advertising and promotion policies, analyzing customer activities and preferences on the personal, regional or local level, detection and prevention of fraudulent and malicious acts and behaviors, security of confirmation process and similar purposes.
  • We process the above-mentioned personal data to the extent that is necessary and appropriate for the purposes of conclusion or termination of contracts, determining the rights and obligations, executing the contractual transactions, maintaining communication, distinguishing website members from one another, performing personalization procedures in this context, making possible such actions on the website as registration, login and logout.
  • We process the above-mentioned personal data to the extent necessary and appropriate for performing transactions such as order, sales, delivery, return, exchange, cash proceed, debt, payment, etc., as well as for purposes of registration, processing, accounting, control, analysis, etc.
  • We process the above-mentioned personal data to the extent necessary and appropriate for purposes such as presenting special offers, advertisements, innovations and promotions, providing information about products and offers, announcing campaigns and promotions, etc.
  • We process the above-mentioned personal data to the extent necessary and appropriate for purposes of developing, analyzing and planning the commercial activity of BEYLİSS, its website or other applications and business plans, improving our products and services, making marketing and field analysis, advertising, processing sales and post-marketing operational transactions, analyzing and using location information in accordance with marketing purposes, etc.
  • We process the above-mentioned personal data to the extent necessary and appropriate for preventing fraud and collusion, collecting receivables, fulfilling obligations arising from laws and contracts, arranging invoices and similar documents, bookkeeping, realize other purposes and functions such as these, realize the legitimate interests of BEYLİSS, fulfill the legal responsibility for data retention and submission, etc.
  • We process the above-mentioned personal data to the extent necessary and appropriate in order to resolve your problems and complaints if you contact us, and to contact you regarding this, if necessary.
  • We process the above-mentioned personal data to the extent necessary and appropriate in order to fulfill our obligations under the legislation, and to fulfill our other legal obligations with authorized and assigned public institutions and organizations, especially information security.
  • We process the above-mentioned personal data to the extent necessary and appropriate in disputes arising from the contract and the law in order to exercise the right of reply and objection in all kinds of legal cases being settled through official institutions and organizations such as court, executive office, alternative settlement solutions, arbitration committee.
  • We also collect your personal data to improve and understand our website, products, financial and commercial activities, to fulfill our administrative goals and to protect our commercial interests.


  • When you apply for the membership on our website, the information recorded by you in the relevant forms is automatically collected and saved.
  • When you make transactions such as order, purchase, payment, return, exchange, etc. on our website, the provided personal information is automatically collected and recorded.
  • When you give a permission for commercial communication by contacting our company directly by any means (mail, phone, etc.), the information you share is collected and recorded by non-automatic methods.
  • When you visit our website, the above-mentioned visitor information is automatically collected and recorded. However, unless this information matches with other information, it is not associated with a particular person.


  • In Article 5 of the KVKK, it is stipulated that personal data cannot be processed without the expressed consent of the person concerned.
  • However, especially when clearly stipulated in the laws, provided that it is directly related to the establishment or performance of a contract, it has been stated that it is possible to process personal data without the explicit consent of the person concerned in cases when it is necessary to process personal data belonging to the parties of the contract, it is mandatory for the data controller (BEYLİSS) to fulfill its legal obligations, when data processing is mandatory for the establishment, use or protection of a right, and when data processing is mandatory for the legitimate interests of the data controller, provided that the fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject are not harmed.
  • When you subscribe to our website or when you shop, information such as your name, surname, passport or identity number, address, order, payment, return, exchange, delivery, e-mail and date of the contract, and membership number is processed and stored to the extent necessary based on the legal grounds for the establishment and execution of the contract, ensuring of the legitimate interests of BEYLİSS, and fulfilling retention obligations arising from the legislation.
  • In addition, as Beyliss, your personal data is processed and retained to the necessary extent based on the legal grounds provided by KVKK which is explained by such reasons as data processing being necessary for the establishment and performance of all relevant contracts, fulfillment of legal obligations, data processing being mandatory for the legitimate interests of BEYLİSS, and fulfillment of retention obligations arising from the legislation.
  • When you contact our company in any way and give permission for commercial communication or request information on any subject, your identity and/or contact information provided to us of your own will and based on your expressed consent (for purposes of informing, campaign, advertisement, etc.) is processed to the extent necessary and appropriate.


  • BEYLİSS is able to transfer your personal data to domestic third-party business partners or service providers within the frame of necessary security and protection measures to receive services that require expertise such as information technologies, marketing activities or consultancy, and to receive product and service support in the process of collecting personal data.
  • Our company transfers your personal data to business partners who provide tax, legal or accounting services such as law firms, accountants, financial advisors or certified public accountants, to the extent necessary and appropriate, in order to ensure the fulfillment of the objectives of the establishment of business partnership.
  • Our company transfers your personal data to business partners which provide courier and shipping services for the execution of our business processes and transactions, to the extent necessary and appropriate.
  • In case of a request from authorized official bodies and agencies your personal data is transferred to the relevant person, institution, organization and authorities to the extent necessary and appropriate in order to meet these demands and to fulfill our company's obligations to provide such information and documents or to exercise our company's legal rights such as litigation and the right of reply.
  • On the other hand, bank information and account information are shared with third parties providing relevant services such as the bank, electronic payment institution, etc. in order to process payments.
  • Personal data in the form limited to the purpose is transferred to the relevant private legal persons if they have legal powers and claims.
  • If necessary, personal information is transferred to company shareholders to the extent necessary and appropriate.
  • If you make your payment by credit card, we transfer your necessary personal information to third parties that provide relevant services such as the bank, electronic payment institution, etc., without saving your credit card information.




The measures required for the protection of your personal information and the security of your transactions have been taken by our company and partnering third parties within the scope of our financial and technological capabilities. Credit card transactions and transaction approvals made on our website are processed through the service providing banks and card organizations, therefore, our company does not see, save or store important information such as credit card passwords. The information you transmit to us due to purchases and membership transactions on our website cannot be viewed by other users.

In the light of this informative text and legal regulations, your personal data for which we are responsible is stored confidentially in the databases in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data 6698 Article 12 with due care of the prudent seller, processed in the way described above, not shared with external third parties; it can be shared with public institutions or organizations authorized to request this data and with our affiliates, partners, and domestic and/or foreign third parties with whom we are or will be in contractual relations within the scope of your consent or for legal reasons and limited to the above-mentioned purposes.



By contacting us on our website or at the company address you can exercise the following rights in relation to your personal data stated in the Law 6698 Article 11:

  • The right to learn whether your personal data are being processed;
  • The right to request information if your personal data have been processed;
  • The right to learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether your personal data are used according to this purpose;
  • The right to know the third parties at home or abroad to whom your personal data have been transferred;
  • The right to request correction of your personal data if they are incomplete or incorrectly processed;
  • The right to request the deletion or destruction of your personal data in case the reasons for processing them are eliminated;
  • In case your personal data is corrected, deleted or destroyed, the right to request the notification of third parties to whom your personal data have been transferred;
  • The right to object to the exposure of a potentially damaging result that arises from the analysis of your processed data made exclusively through automatic systems;
  • The right to request compensation in the event that you suffer damage due to the unlawful processing of your personal data.

It is important to keep the data you have shared with us in an accurate and up-to-date manner according to KVKK No.6698 and related legislation. For this reason, you can easily make any changes or updates regarding the personal data you share on My Account page on and by contacting us at our email address In this way, errors will be prevented and your personal data will be kept accurate and up-to-date.

Your personal data processed for the purposes specified in the text of Information and Consent Regarding Your Personal Data will continue to be used after having been anonymized by us when the reason behind their processing ceases to exist in accordance with KVKK No.6698 article 7/1 and/or in accordance with Article 138 of the Turkish Criminal Code when the periods specified in the laws have passed.

In cases where it is necessary to obtain consent for personal data, besides giving such permission in written form it is also possible to provide it digitally (in the course of membership-related operations or sales transactions, etc.) via the website.

Within the scope of the relevant legislation and in accordance with the personal data storage-destruction policy, our company may partially/completely destroy (delete, dispose or anonymize) personal information under its responsibility upon the request of the person concerned, it may also perform these transactions within legal limits.

You have the right to confirm whether we are processing your Personal Data, where we do it and whether we have access to your Personal Data. We will provide you with a copy of your Personal Data, provided that it does not affect the rights and freedoms of others. The first copy will be provided free of charge, but additional copies may be available for an additional fee. You can request your Personal Data by contacting us.

Without prejudice to what is stated above, if we have reasonable doubts about the identity of a user exercising their rights described in "YOUR RIGHTS" section or for security reasons we may request additional information if deemed necessary and otherwise, we may use all reasonable measures necessary to confirm the identity of the user.



            Personal data that we process for any purpose or purposes will not be stored for longer than is necessary for this purpose or for these purposes. BEYLİSS will retain your personal data for the duration of your contractual relationship with the Company and, to the extent permitted, for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes set out in this policy after the termination of this relationship.

For example, BEYLİSS may retain private information when it is necessary to comply with legal requirements, resolve disputes, prevent fraud or abuse, and ensure compliance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy, even after the deletion of the account.

Personal Data of Visitors who do not have a registered account is stored for 6 months to analyze their behavioral activities. For Customers who have not ordered products from the Company, all personal data will be deleted 12 months after the approval of your account deletion request in order to analyze Customer activity and improve our Website and products.

For Customers who have made an order from BEYLİSS, our data deletion policy is as follows: order processing information will be retained by Beyliss for 10 years or, depending on what happens first, until the closing of the tax audit. Other Personal Data will be deleted within 12 months after the confirmation of the deletion of your account.



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We use cookies to analyze the flow of information, customize our services, content and advertisements, measure promotion effectiveness, and to promote trust and security.

Some of the services we offer can only be possible using cookies. Generally, we use the following categories of cookies:

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Some cookies are important to the operation of our Website. For example, some cookies allow us to identify registered Customers or Business Partners and allow them to access the Website. If a registered Customer or a Business Partner chooses to disable these cookies, the Customer, or Partner, may not be able to access the entire content of the Website. Other cookies may be used to analyze how Visitors, Customers, Business Partners use the Website and to monitor the Website’s performance. This allows us to provide a high quality experience by customizing the offer and quickly identifying and resolving any issues that arise. For example, performance cookies can be used to track which pages are the most popular and determine why some pages get error messages.

Functionality cookies allow us to remember the preferences of Visitors, Customers, Business Partners and to adapt our Website to provide advanced features.

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            The Website may contain links to websites provided by third parties whose information and privacy practices differ from ours. We are not responsible for the information or privacy practices used by such third parties. We recommend that you read the privacy statements of all third-party websites before using these websites or submitting any personal data or any information on or through these websites.



            With this clarification and information text, the practices and policies stated here can be corrected, changed, updated and/or added at any time by BEYLİSS unilaterally without prior notice. When we do this, we will send a notification to the home page of our website and will display the updated date at the top of this page. For this reason, we recommend that you check this text regularly to be aware of any possible changes and updates and to obtain complete information.

BEYLİSS members and customers are deemed to have approved and accepted that it is their personal responsibility to periodically review this text and to be aware of the changes.

Visitors, members and distributors who use our website are deemed to have automatically accepted the terms and policies written in this document and the "Website Terms of Use" (click to access the text). If you do not agree with any of these documents, you should not use our website. After the changes in this document have been transferred to the website using the website will mean that the changes have been accepted.



            Since privacy and security policies, terms of use, communication, cookie policy, service and personal data processing conditions, etc. of other third-party websites that are accessed from our website (through advertisement, content, banner, etc.), including the mobile version, are matters beyond the control of our company, we would like to state that our company is not responsible for any disputes, damages and losses that may thus arise. Our company reserves the right to make all kinds of changes in the implementation processes and policies and communication processes mentioned in the body of the information text regarding this privacy policy, website terms of use, communication and personal data, application processes and policies in the text, and communication processes. These changes are presented to you by updating the Website. For this reason, we recommend that you review this information every time you visit the Website. You can contact our company through the following channels regarding the topics covered in this text and other issues.



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